The HUGE Secret Funeral Homes Don’t Want You To Know!

save money on funerals

Did you know?

The average funeral can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000.

But that isn’t how much it HAS to cost. People spend thousands of dollars on funeral services and products, but they don’t have to.

How can you reduce the cost of ANY funeral by at least $1000?

Simply buy your casket online instead of through the funeral home.

Most funeral homes are sourcing their caskets from exactly the same online suppliers and then charging you more than twice what they paid!

Funeral homes are legally obligated to use any casket a family wants, even if it is purchased online.

They cannot charge a fee to handle the casket and so by doing this you can save on average $500 to $1000. Caskets bought online can be used for burials as well as cremations, and it’s a lot more common than you’d think.

  • UPGRADE THE CASKET – Save money OR get a higher-quality casket for the same budget
  • FREE US DELIVERY – You won’t pay extra to receive the casket
  • NO HANDLING – Suppliers will ship directly to a funeral home
  • NO FEES – Funeral homes are legally obliged to accept the casket with no extra fees

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My two recommended online casket companies offer customers an affordable alternative that helps them save money while also providing a better experience than they would get from a traditional funeral home.

Their websites make it easy for people who want their loved ones laid to rest in peace without breaking the bank, while still giving families all the options they need when making such an important decision after losing someone close.

My recommended companies:

Titan Casket

Titan casket

High-quality, low cost
• Customizable
• Space-saving and environmentally friendly
• Affordable and transparent prices

Titan Casket is a company that provides caskets direct to consumers in order to make the farewell process easier and less expensive. They were founded in 2016 after realizing how overwhelming and expensive the funeral industry is. Titan Casket strives to offer high-quality caskets at an affordable price, and they are committed to making the process easier for families.

Their company was actually founded by Elizabeth Siegel as a result of a difficult experience planning a funeral. With a friend in the casket industry, Elizabeth was determined to prevent others from going through the costly and stressful experience she had and decided caskets were the place to start.

Trusted Caskets

• Get the best price on our caskets
• We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all needs
• Our company is your trusted partner during your time of need
• Trust is our number one priority

Trusted Caskets is a company that provides funeral caskets and offers clients all the features they need to create a memorial for their loved ones. The company uses many suppliers and manufacturers so customers can find the best price for funerals.

The company has been in business for a number of years and is dedicated to providing quality service with attention to detail. They want to simplify the process of handling funeral arrangements as much as possible by focusing on what matters most to customers when they’re grieving such as open communication about the options available, giving customers choices in styles or materials, and removing barriers that may prevent people from returning to work or making other decisions immediately after an individual dies. They will deliver anywhere in the United States and take pride in doing the job right.