The author

Hello, my name is Phil Hawes and welcome to this site.

I have always felt that most people shy away from talking about funerals and that can lead to lots of problems when it comes to planning one. That’s why I decided to start this site, to help make the process that much easier.

As many people have commented, at a certain stage in your life you start going to more funerals than marriages. Eventually, you’ll even have to plan a funeral or at the very least help a loved-one plan one. This is what happened to me more and more as I got older.

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Early experiences

I remember the first funeral I went to as a child as a distant blur of small clips. My parental grandmother and grandfather died before I was a teenager but I remember it being a fairly somber affair.

I distinctly remember my neighbor’s funeral, an elderly woman called Mary who had been friends with my grandparents who had built our house before moving to another house nearby. She had basically helped raise me and my brother’s and I were even asked to be pallbearers.

I also grew up with a childhood friend, Liam, who was the local priest’s son. This meant that I spent a fair amount of time around the vicarage and churchyard picking up snippets of information about all types of services, including funerals.

Since then I have been involved in numerous funerals of close family friends and even relatives. This is why I feel confident writing about planning funerals from an amateur expert’s perspective.

I really hope you find this website useful and it makes the process of planning a funeral much easier on you.

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