Recommended Items

Planning, and even just attending, a funeral can be a gruelling task. I wanted to help out in some small way by offering a list below of small items which I’ve found to come in useful for this time in your life.

Unfortunately, funerals can be expensive affairs, so I’ve tried to suggest some items below which are a little more affordable but still show the recently deceased the mark of respect their life deserves.

Metal Open Caskets



These caskets are high quality and prices start at $999, which is half the average cost of a similar casket. You can find similar steel caskets on


Wooden Open Caskets



Due to the more expensive material, the price on these types of caskets are slightly higher at $1,699, but they are still under the average funeral home price.


If you want a more traditional type of casket, then check out the range that has to offer.


Cloth-covered Open Caskets



Although perhaps not the first material you think of, a cloth-covered casket can be both affordable and extremely environmentally friendly. You can find out more by going to the site,, and taking advantage of the low starting price of just $699.


Military Open Caskets



If you are honoring a veteran or just a staunch patriot, then you may wish to view the miliary range of open caskets offered by, starting at only $1,299.

Jewlery Made From Ashes

Another great option is to get the ashes made into a permanent piece of jewelry, you should check out the beautiful handcrafted pieces Mark Hamilton makes with cremains by visiting his site here.


Cremation Urns


When it comes to cremations buying an urn directly from a funeral home can be extremely expensive and it’s totally unnecessary. You can legally provide your own vessel as long as it respects certain health codes.


So below I’ve picked out the three best types of urns which will do perfectly for storing your loved one’s ashes until you scatter them. They are also items you can cherish for years to come if you wish to keep hold of the ashes.


SmartChoice Cremation Urns






The thing which upsets me most about the funeral business is how most funeral homes pray on a family’s wish to honor their departed loved one. Spending less doesn’t mean you loved them any less, but that’s not the message you’ll get from most funeral directors.


So, if you want a practical but affordable urn which will both honor the deceased and leave enough money for other expenses, I think this is a really good budget option. It’s also available on Amazon, so please click on the link here for more information.


Love of Christ Cremation Urn






This urn is ideal for a person who had a strong relationship with God. It also, so I like to think, reminds us who are left that our loved one is now at peace with their creator.


This urn will be much more affordable than a similar model you might be offered in a funeral home, so check out the latest prices and availability over at Amazon.


Marble Elegance Cremation Urns






This model of urn is one that I personally think would look good on display. So if you plan to hold onto the ashes long-term, I certainly would choose something like this.


Despite its appearance, it’s actually relatively cheap while still remaining great quality. It’s surprising being sold on Amazon as well, but I’m sure that stocks won’t last long because it’s such a great deal!


Veteran Cremation Urns (Bonus)






I couldn’t resist including this urn as a bonus on my list, because it’s simply perfect for anyone who served their country as a true patriot. Whether or not your loved one was a veteran or worked in law enforcement or simply was a true patriot, they would be honored to be held in an urn such as this.


If you felt the same thing as I did when you saw this, then why not see how soon you can get it delivered to your front stoop by going over to Amazon now and checking the latest prices and availability.




Personalized Granite Headstone






Headstones can be extremely expensive if you buy them through a funeral home, one option is to commission one online.


Not many people know that there are several supplies who actually operatre through Amazon and will engrave a personalized headstone with an image of the dearly departed.


For more information, please click on this link to customize your headstone which could arrive in as little as a few weeks.


Garden Angel Statue






Sometimes we just want a permanent reminder of the person we cherished so dearly in a place which gives us such enjoyment, our garden.


Although you can buy these through a funeral home, I have always found them to be overpriced. Nowadays, you can pick a fitting memorial at a fraction of the price asked for at your local funeral directors. Please see for yourself here (link to Amazon).


Remembering Four Legged Friends


Sometimes it’s not a fellow human who we are grieving, but rather a beloved pet. In these circumstances, it’s nice to have a fitting memorial to remember all the love and affection which you shared with your pet.


Memorial Stone (dog)






I really think that this memorial say it all, your dog was your best friend before they passed away and this memorial stone will remind you of those happy days for ever more.


If this made you smile despite your sadness, then it’s the perfect memorial for you and your late pet. Have a look at the product here as I’m sure you’ll find it perfectly priced (see Amazon for more details).


Memorial Stone (cat)






I remember all our cats growing up, mainly because my family always used to plant a tree over the grave we dug for them in the backyard. However, that’s not always an option and sometimes you can only place a marker to remember them by.


If this is the case for you, then I think this memorial stone is very fitting as it clearly says what you are probably feeling right now. If you agree and would like to find out more, then please click here and check out the excellent price of this memorial (Link to Amazon).